From water emerges life.

Kiráh emerges along the Pacific Ocean coast, designed around a crystal-clear lagoon.

A unique space in the area, where you can use kayaks, paddleboards, sunbathe on its beaches and white sand islands, and rediscover family time in over 10,000 m² of water, with total safety and tranquility for your children.

Crystal Lagoon

Immerse yourself in the blue.

The essence of Kiráh springs from this crystal-clear lagoon* that extends to the center of the project, inviting you to connect with the element and flow with its heartbeat.

* Crystal Lagoons is an award-winning company for its technology and innovation in the construction of recreational lagoons, with over 1000 projects worldwide. They have received the Green Apple Awards for their filtering system, which uses up to 100 times fewer additives than conventional pools.


Connect with
the ocean.

The vastness of the blue extends in front of you on one of the most exclusive beaches in the world, with all the amenities of a first-class beach club.

Rediscover the deepest part of your being, facing the Pacific.