Recognize yourself in a unique development

From the creators of LUMA, one of the most successful projects in Nuevo Nayarit.

Kiráh is a project crafted by experts in various fields, ensuring a development where architecture, landscape, and surroundings have been meticulously considered.

Mexican company with over 30 years of experience in the design and development of construction projects, totaling over a million square meters built.

Each of their developments is grounded in studies and a clear understanding of the market, making them the best choice for a project like Kiráh.

Since 1995, one of the most influential business groups in the northern region of the country. Developers of vertical and horizontal projects, including residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional developments.

Primarily focused on developing and marketing high-value projects such as Kiráh

Present through their works in Mexico, the United States, and South America, architect Bernardo Pozas is the founder of this multidisciplinary company, focusing on residential architecture, interior design, commercial architecture, and real estate development.

He has been involved in various impactful projects such as Torre TOP, recognized as the tallest in Latin America, and the currently projected Torre Rise.

With over 25 years of experience, always maintaining the firm belief that the landscape is an integral part of Urban Development.

They consider built components, furniture, and vegetation as part of a whole, maximizing the use of existing resources in each project, reducing the impact on the environment, and incorporating regional materials to enhance the quality of life for inhabitants.

Crystal Lagoons is an award-winning company for its technology and innovation in the construction of recreational lagoons, with over 1000 projects across 5 continents. Dedicated to creating a beach lifestyle in any city worldwide and completely transforming community spaces.

This has the potential to change people's lives by creating a reality never before imagined: transforming communities into waterfront developments, bringing water sports into daily life, and creating an idyllic beach experience just steps away from people's homes. These turquoise lagoons can be built in any type of environment and can provide a unique amenity to residential communities, entertainment districts, and mixed-use developments.